Sailnovo Baby Bassinets Bedside Sleeper with Washable Mattress and Storage

The perfect solution for parents who want to co-sleep with their babies. This bedside sleeper will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep while giving you peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound. It features a soft mattress with a washable cover, which provides a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby. The storage basket at the bottom makes the whole environment clean and tidy while increasing the stability of the baby bassinet. The breathable mesh window*2 allows you to easily keep an eye on your baby, it has zippered side panels and two clip-on straps to securely fasten it to your bed.

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  • The product is a co-sleeping bedside sleeper that offers a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.
  • The mattress has a soft surface and is made of foam rubber.
  • The storage basket at the bottom of the bassinet increases stability and prevents falls.
  • The adjustable height feature allows for optimal comfort and visibility.
  • The bassinet is also designed with an environmental friendly approach, using quick and easy to open and fold design.


  • Easily Assembled
  • Comfortable For Baby
  • Storage Basket At Bottom
  • Zippered Side Panels
  • Mesh Window


  • May Be Too Small For Some Babies