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Buyer's Guide: Changing Table With Storage

How to Choose the Best Changing Table With Storage For Your Baby: A Beginner’s Guide

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You've just brought your new child into the world, and you’re probably excited to spend time with them and get to know each other. However, you also want to ensure that they grow up in a safe, clean environment free of potential risks or hazards. One of these risks is that your baby is constantly crawling around on the floor when you need them nearby.

A changing table can help solve this problem by providing a safe place for your child to play while you change their diaper. Babies come in all shapes and sizes because they are never satisfied with just one thing. That is why it is critical to select the best changing table for your specific requirements.

What is a changing table?

A changing table (or crib) is a place where you can change your baby's diaper and clothes. You can use it when your baby is first born or a little older and begins to play with toys.

When you buy a crib, it usually includes a small changing table that fits inside the crib. You can use it as a standard changing table or adjust the height. You can adjust the height to be closer to the ground or higher.

Adjustable changing tables are ideal for changing your baby in a confined space, such as while they are sleeping. Because they can't reach down to grab their diaper, it's easier for you to change their diaper without them getting their hands on it.

What is the difference between a changing table and a changing pad?

One of the most common issues you may encounter if you decide to use a changing table is that it does not fit your baby's changing pad. This means that you must either buy a new changing pad for your baby or use the spare change mat that is already available.

Keep in mind that changing pads are used to take up the extra space that a changing table would occupy, so you can't just take the entire pad out and place it on your changing table.

Because these types of changing pads aren't cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes as frequently as a changing table, they pose a greater risk of cross-contamination and germ spread.

Different types of changing tables with storage

Various types of changing tables with storage are available. They differ in terms of the type of storage that is attached to them. It can be constructed from plastics, wood, or metal.

Changing tables are available in various styles, including those attached to one corner, folding, assembled, and movable. It can also include storage, trays, pads, caddies, and other features. Storage is intended for baby products.

One of the essential features of a changing table is its strong base and a canopy to keep your baby clean while crawling. Additionally, look for safety restraints that will keep your baby safe while changing on the changing table.

Before settling on a model, make sure you've done your research. You can read model reviews to ensure you get the best one.

Things to consider before purchasing a changing table with storage


By far the most common type of changing table. Wheels are made of solid steel or plastic wheels with plastic or rubber sides to protect the baby's little legs. However, not all baby changing tables are mobile. If you're looking for a machine-style changing table, look for one with a fixed base rather than wheels.


Most baby changing tables are available in a variety of widths. Some are as small as a foot and as large as an arm. The idea is that the wider the base, the better your changing table will support your baby's weight. Another important factor when choosing a changing table is that it needs to be big enough to hold your child.


For safety reasons, most modern changing tables are made of fabric, not hard plastic. Plastic is easier to clean than fabric.

Safety Strap

Your child is at risk of falling and injuring themselves while changing nappies. Even the most seasoned parents may discover this to be true for themselves. That is why it is critical to select a changing table with a safety strap.

A safety strap keeps your baby from falling to the ground, allowing you to place them on the changing table while you take care of business. This way, your baby's feet, and hands are always strapped, which prevents them from reaching.


You should invest in a movable changing table. The average baby is between 12 and 15 inches tall. Some parents prefer to raise their children as high as possible to match their ideal height.

Babies grow in a variety of sizes and are constantly changing their shapes and sizes. Ascertain that the entire table can accommodate your baby or babies of varying heights.

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing the best changing table. You don’t want the table to be too low, but you also don’t want it too high.


When shopping for a new changing table, make sure you select the appropriate material. Many people believe that wood is the only material suitable for strollers and changing tables, but this is not always the case. Plastic strollers are frequently used as changing tables, but they can also be made of wood or metal.


It is critical to select a changing table with a childproof latch or a locking fixture. This ensures that the table stays locked and that the baby cannot easily climb up on it. It will also help prevent small objects, such as pacifiers and toys from falling and injuring children.

Some changing tables include a safety rail to prevent your baby from falling when they begin crawling. The safety rail will prevent your baby from falling and injuring their head.


A changing table is where you lay your baby when he or she needs changing. It is imperative that it is clean at all times. If you don't clean the table on a regular basis, it may harm your baby. Also, if you leave it out in the elements, it may become a little dirtier. That means you'll have to wash it more often.

If you don't clean the table on a regular basis, it will lose its luster and cleanliness. Also, leaving it out in the elements may cause it to become a little dirtier. That means you'll need to wash it more frequently.


Most changing tables have storage baskets on the bottom to hold the items needed for diaper changes. Whether it's extra baby wipes, a changing pad, or extra diapers, you can keep these necessities on the changing table's bottom.

This provides a place for your baby to sit and play while you change their diaper. This is especially useful if you're in the middle of a diaper change and don't want to take your baby out of the room while you finish the job.


This gives your baby a place to sit and play while you change their diaper. This is especially useful if you're in the middle of changing a diaper and don't want to take your baby out of the room while you finish the job.



Cost is an essential factor for any family, especially when purchasing a changing table with storage. Make sure you can afford it, and keep in mind that you want a good one, so don't skimp on the price. Consider your budget and whether or not you will need to replace it anytime soon.

How to choose the best changing table for your little one?

Keep in mind that the style and preferences of your baby will play a significant role in this decision. However, there are a few things to consider when making the first major purchase for your baby's life. Depending on your needs, the best changing table for your baby may differ from the one you currently have. And that's fine.

Final Thoughts

You're probably wondering what kind of changing table to get. Fortunately, there are numerous options to choose from. The most convenient option may be a changing table with a tabletop that doubles as a storage area if you have the funds.


If you don't have a lot of money to spare, a folding changing table maybe your best option. Some folding change tables can also be used as a table for larger family gatherings.

It is recommended that babies have their changing area until they are at least three years old. It is critical to keep that area stocked with diapers, wipes, and spare diapers.
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