Baby Bath Tub With Stand

Buyer's Guide: Baby Bath Tub With Stand

Baby Bathtub With Stand: How To Select The Best Tub For Your Little Ones

So, now that you've decided to get one for your baby, how do you go about picking the best baby bathtub for you? Continue reading as we look at some of the different features and factors to consider when shopping for a new bathtub for your little ones.

What is a baby bathtub?

A baby bathtub is a small tub that is designed for babies and infants. Baby tubs range in size from a washing-up bowl to bathtubs for toddlers. Depending on your child's needs and age, you can buy a bathtub that is safe for newborns and will last for the first year of their life.

The tub-on-stands and tub-in-a-frame are the two most common types of bathtubs for children. The majority of baby tub-on-stands have two arms that rise to a platform and are secured by a plastic strap. Tub-on-stands are popular in the European market because they can also be used as a changing table.

Why do you need a baby bathtub with a stand?

pink baby bath tub with stand

When selecting a tub for your baby, make sure that the stand is secure. You want a sturdy stand that can withstand the unique forces that babies can exert when attempting to move the tub with their bodies.

You also want a bathtub that is well-designed and fits snugly on the stand. Without this support, your baby will slip and slide around the tub, and the tub will not stay upright and locked in place.

Some baby bathtub models include a simple stand or a fold-away baby seat base, making it an ideal addition to your home bathroom. Others have a more elaborate, expandable stand ideal for keeping your baby safely positioned in the tub while he plays or bathes.

If you don't need the add-ons in the future, you can easily remove them. The bath also includes a lid with a safety cover that hinges. It can be used to keep your child from falling in the tub if he stands up in it, and the cover can be easily lifted for occasional washing with the bottom part.

What are the things to consider before purchasing a bathtub with a stand?


Are you planning on filling it with water, or have you already purchased a bath seat for your baby’s bath? It’s imperative to know whether you want your bathtub to be filled with water or have a seat included.


Consider where you plan to put your baby bathtub. Tubs and floors are a good choice for drainage and are suitable for full-size baby baths. You can also use a bench or a table that allows you to bathe the baby at a certain height, but you may want to choose a more firm tub style because it requires some heavy lifting when draining.


Baby baths can be big and bulky, so you need a place to store them when no longer in use. You can place it in an actual bathtub, but this could be inconvenient if the bathroom is small and you have other toddlers that need bathing. So, if storage is a problem, you might want to buy a tub with a collapsible stand that can also be stored easily.

It is essential to consider how a bathtub will fit in with other pieces of furniture. For example, a tub that fits in your bathroom but is too small will not provide enough space to change your baby's diaper comfortably.


A baby bathtub is bulky and difficult to empty. Look for a model that has its plug hole or hose extension so you can drain the suds quickly without straining your back.

Safety Features

Bathtubs can be slippery places for babies and toddlers. If you're worried about the baby's safety in the bathtub, look for models that have safety belts or slings to keep the baby secure at all times.


The height of the tub is another factor to consider when selecting the best tub. Most standard tubs are 1.5 or 2-foot tall. There are, however, tubs that can hold all of your baby's bath supplies.

baby bath tub with stainless stand


A bathtub is an additional bathroom decoration. The right color can improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Secondhand Tubs

Buying second hand tubs may save you money, but not all tubs are equally safe for your baby. Some babies are more accident-prone than others, so choose carefully. Make a thorough comparison of different models, features, prices, and looks of different bathtubs.

How to choose the best bathtub with a stand for your little ones?

You can use your baby bathtub at any stage of your child's life. You can, however, choose to discontinue its use once your baby can stand on their own (around eight months of age). Some baby bathtubs include a self-supporting stand, requiring the use of a special step or stool to place the baby in the bathtub. However, keep in mind that most babies learn to stand on their own very early on, so your child should be able to stand up when they are ready.

The size of any bathtub is the most apparent feature. If you want a good-quality tub that is large enough to fit a baby or a baby that can fall into the water, you must consider your size. A standard tub can fit a tiny infant but will likely be too small for a larger child. A baby can spend hours splashing around in the bath, so you don't want to buy a tub that won't allow them to have as much fun as possible.

Another consideration when selecting a bathtub for babies and toddlers is how well it fits on the stand and how safe it is to use in your bathroom. Larger tubs, for example, are more stable and can thus last for longer periods of time.

In looking for a baby bathtub with a stand, make sure that:

  • It is designed to stay in a safe place.

  • It comes with a safety lock feature.

  • It has a detachable nozzle and a handle for safe bath time with your baby.

  • Its low-profile design makes it easier to use with little ones.

  • It’s lightweight, easy to fold up, and safe to store.

Final Thoughts

A baby bathtub is the best way to get your baby used to bathing. They will enjoy splashing around and relaxing in the water.

If you want to save money, look for a used bathtub on sale. Bathtubs for sale can be found in many cities.

Consider getting a cool cup holder on a stand to make your baby bathtub more appealing to your child.
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