Baby Bath Tub Sling

Buyer's Guide: Baby Bath Tub Sling

The Ultimate Baby Bathtub Sling Buyers Guide for Parents

The bathtub is a must-have item for any parent. It's the only place where you can spend quality time with your child while also getting some much-needed rest. It's also an important time for your baby because it could be their first exposure to water, and they have complete freedom to explore.

A baby sling makes bath time more enjoyable for both you and your child. With a sling, you can securely hold your baby while still doing things like washing their hair or soothing them when they are fussy. Having a safe place for your baby to go during bath time will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about baby bathtub slings and how to choose the best one for you.

What is a baby bathtub sling?

light blue baby bath tub sling

A baby bathtub sling is a soft, supportive little hammock that fits over your baby's tub that can be used in both the baby's room and the bathroom. The sling is typically made of cloth or mesh and is attached to the bathtub. Depending on your baby's preferences, it can be set to be dipped in water or not. Using a bathtub sling during the baby's bath is advantageous because it will hold and support the baby for safety. To help keep your baby stable, let his or her legs hang freely. It also has a crocheted or adjustable loop for wrapping around your waist.

Why would I want a baby bathtub sling?

First and foremost, why would you want to use a baby sling instead of simply placing your baby in the tub? Some parents may use a traditional baby bathtub but believe that allowing a small baby to stand in the tub is too dangerous.

Others may believe that there isn't enough room to safely remove their child from the tub after they've fallen asleep or that it's simply inconvenient to have to sit their child in the tub when they need to use the restroom.

The baby bathtub sling is an excellent solution to both of these issues. First, you can easily slip the baby into and out of the sling while washing or feeding them.

What is the difference between a bathtub sling & a baby bathtub seat?

baby bath tub sling and seat

Baby bathtub sling

A bathtub sling is an excellent option for parents who want to spend more time with their baby but do not require much space. With a bathtub sling, babies can be comfortable when they are rear-facing. This type of sling is ideal for bathing babies because it allows you to reach their heads easily and is more convenient than having a bathtub seat attached to the tub.

Baby bathtub seat

A baby bathtub seat is an excellent choice for parents who want their child to be more secure, particularly while bathing. This type of seat is typically attached to the bathtub and must be elevated to prevent the baby's head from being submerged. A baby bathtub seat allows babies to sit upright and unsupported. The concept is similar to a regular bath seat, but the seat is smaller and lacks padding. This seat also allows the baby to move freely within the chair and eliminates the need for a sling to support the baby's head.

What are the types of baby bathtub sling?

There are two kinds of baby bathtub slings. The first type is a baby bath hammock, which can be hung on the tub to keep the baby safe during the bathing process.

This baby bath hammock is ideal for tasks that require both hands, such as shampooing the baby's hair or cleaning the baby's face and ears with soap. Other types of baby bathtub baby hammocks include mesh-type baby bathtub baby hammocks that are used while the baby is in the tub.

These are ideal for babies who like to kick their feet and splash water everywhere or who simply require a little more freedom than a baby bath hammock provides. Your preferences and budget determine the type you select.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Baby Bathtub Sling

There are things to look into to buy a bathtub sling for your baby to make sure you are buying the sling that fits your needs.

Safety Features

Make sure that the baby bathtub slings are designed with the child's safety in mind. Some have to cushion at the top to protect the baby's head if it escapes through the opening. On the other hand, others may include support around the baby's neck as an additional layer of protection.

Materials Used

Select baby bathtub slings made of materials such as cotton and breathable mesh. These fabrics will keep the baby comfortable while not trapping too much heat inside the sling, which will make the baby uncomfortable during baths.

Ease of Use

Baby bathtub slings should be simple to install and remove. They shouldn't require a lot of time or effort in the bathing process, so look for something that requires little fussing when you're using it.


Baby bathtub slings should also be simple to pack and transport. If it's challenging to set up or take down, you're less likely to use it. A baby hammock that folds flat is ideal for parents who don't have a lot of storage space in their homes.

Comfortable for Baby

Babies in slings should be able to lie flat. It's also nice if they can rest their legs, especially if they're older and more active. The fabric of baby bathtub slings should also be gentle on your baby's skin; some are made of cotton or other breathable materials. Others, on the other hand, are made out of synthetic fibers.


Baby bathtub slings should be light and easy to transport. They shouldn't add too much bulk or take up too much space in your baby's room, so they won't be a hassle when it's time to put the baby down for the night! Because the weight of the baby bathtub slings can vary, it's best to find something that won't add more than a few extra pounds when you pick it up.

Easy to Clean

Baby bathtub slings should be simple to clean, especially since your baby will most likely use them on a daily basis. If the fabric is machine washable and doesn't require any special care or maintenance, that's a huge plus! After a few uses, you won't have to worry about bacteria or stains on your baby hammock.

How does a baby bathtub sling work?

mother using baby bath tub sling on child

These safe baby shower products vary from product to product. Still, most wraps attach around an infant's neck using some kind of buckle or clip-in system on one end with velcro along the other side for easy adjustment. The bottom of a baby bathtub sling will have a hole for your baby to look out of. This allows them to interact with you while also enjoying their bath. The sling can be used throughout your baby’s entire bath time, or it can be put away until they are older. Either way, you will need to pull the sling to prevent it from falling off periodically. Many of these toddler support pillows come with rings attached which allow parents to hang them up after use to dry out and store the baby bathtub sling.

How to find the best baby bathtub sling?

Choose a suitable sling when looking for the best baby bathtub sling because slings are stretchy and do not need to fit snugly and tightly to prevent pressure sores or cord slippage. Several brands sell baby bathtub slings, so you can try them all to find the best one for your child. Also, try to see if they are comfortable and secure for your baby. You'll be able to tell the difference between a happy baby and one who isn't!

Final Thoughts

While your baby will most likely not spend as much time in the bathtub as they would if you allowed them to crawl around in it, spending time in it is still important. It can be a fun place for your child to interact with you, explore, and play, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to bond with them.

Whether you want to spend the most time with your baby while they're in the bath or simply have them within arm's reach, a baby sling can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Find one that fits your budget and all the essential baby care items you need for a safe and stress-free baby bathing experience!

FAQs: Baby Bath Tub Sling

What is a baby bathtub sling?

The baby bathtub sling is a fabric net that serves as a hammock for the youngster in the bath. The parents would hang it over the edge of their bathtub and bathe the newborn in it, either alone or with the assistance of another person. Some parents also employed this for newborns who wanted to lay on their stomachs until they could sit up on their own. There was no standard design for how they were created; some were more sophisticated than others, depending on the resources available. Baby bathtub slings come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials such as mesh or plastic. They may also be built to attach to specific types of bathtubs for increased security. It was constructed of a mesh-like material (typically nylon), which allowed water to pass through its openings while being robust enough to hold the infant. It was frequently made by joining two parts together so that they would not come apart while in use. A baby bathtub sling is a type of baby device that enables babies to relax their muscles and simply take a bath.

What is the use of a baby bathtub sling?

A baby bathtub sling is a device that is used to safely hold and support a newborn in the bathtub. This reduces the burden on caregivers by allowing for hands-free bathing. The baby bathtub sling has been created as the most simple and easiest alternative for individuals who wish to bathe their kids but don't know how or are uncomfortable doing so. This type of infant product is becoming increasingly popular on the market, particularly in some countries such as Japan. People are increasingly opting for baby bathtub slings because they find it simpler to bathe their newborns with this device. Many parents, however, are concerned about the safety of utilizing this infant product because there are no clear criteria from manufacturers or organizations that can assure its operation or safety while in use. In fact, if you buy a low-quality baby tub sling, you may find that you cannot use it as intended or that it does not operate at all. That is why we aim to assist parents in finding high-quality items for their children by offering information about the finest baby bathtub sling on the market today.

What factors should I consider when buying a baby bathtub sling?

  • Points of Soft Contact Babies' skin is very delicate, thus there should be no friction points on their body while bathing. As a result, pick a baby tub sling with soft contact points or fabric loops to avoid discomfort or unpleasant sensations while in use. Also, because this product comes in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, take your baby's gender in mind while selecting the perfect one.
  • Dimensions and weight. No matter how easy it is for you to use this product if your infant doesn't feel right or has problems sitting in the sling, it will be useless. To avoid these scenarios, make sure your kid can easily and comfortably rest back on the bathtub sling during bath time. Also, because every baby develops differently, opt for a baby bathtub with elastic loops that are adjustable dependent on the size of your developing child.
  • The ease of usage. Baby baths with slings are comfortable and straightforward to use for parents who want simple things in life without much complication when it comes to taking care of their children. Also, if you have a newborn infant who cannot sit up without assistance, these types of baby tubs are the finest option. Some infant bathtub slings hook directly to the faucet, allowing them to be used in nearly any tub. Others adhere to the wall, freeing up room in most standard tubs or sinks for hands-free bathing. You could even choose a simple sponge that fits over the faucet, making it easy to wash and rinse your baby without getting water all over the place.
  • Material. The majority of producers utilize waterproof fabric for the product's outer shell since it is simpler to maintain clean and hygienic before and after each usage. Other materials, such as nylon or cotton mesh, may be preferred by some since they provide several advantages over the traditional cloth. Mesh-based items, for example, enable more breathability and, as a result, greater comfort for newborns when bathing. Mesh and plastic baby bathtub slings are often less expensive than countertop or wall-mounted versions. They're also less prone to break and easy to clean. They do not, however, provide as much support as other types of baby baths. This is especially important for younger infants who may not yet be able to hold their heads up on their own. Some parents use an ordinary kitchen sponge in the sink or tub with their infant until he is strong enough for a sling that doesn't require as many back supports.
  • Cleaning. Many baby bathtub slings are dishwasher or washing machine safe. If you're unsure how to clean your sling, see the manufacturer for specific instructions. A short search on the websites of most firms should yield this information. Once you've purchased a sling and taken it home, experiment with different cleaning methods to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.

How long do you use the sling in the baby tub?

We recommend that you use this product for as little time as possible to keep your infant from becoming bored and unsettled. A kid should not stay in these newborn sling bath pools for more than 15 minutes since it might cause overheating, which leads to its body temperature rising further. Furthermore, the risk of suffocation rises if babies fall over or slide down, thus it is critical to utilize this product in accordance with the manual instructions.

What are baby bathtub slings made of?

Fabric or mesh may be used to make baby bathtubs with slings. The textiles can range from cotton and polyester to nylon and other materials, while the mesh is often made of water-resistant material such as nylon; as a result, you can keep your infant comfortable by providing adequate ventilation.

Why does a baby bathtub sling should be lightweight?

The lightweight design of this type of baby bathtub makes it easy to transport from one bathroom to another. Indeed, if feasible, have a couple on hand and shift them around as needed depending on where you generally wash your child.

How to attach the sling to the baby tub?

The sling is simple to connect to your baby tub because most of them are equipped with adjustable loops that will keep this type of product steady in place until you need to remove it. Also, before buying one, consider how many adjustment points it has so you may modify it to your specific needs.

Why use a baby bathtub sling?

This type of baby bathtub attachment is safer than others since it is made of mesh material, which allows for greater air ventilation and reduces the possibility of your youngster being uncomfortable. Also, if you have a baby who cannot yet sit up on his or her own, this device is ideal since it will give better support for your child during bath time.

What are the benefits of baby bath slings?

The main advantage is that it gives comfort to newborns when bathing. Furthermore, if you have a newborn infant who cannot sit up without assistance, this type of baby bathtub is the perfect choice since it gives greater protection for your child. Aside from being safe for your child, this type of product provides you with greater relaxation because it makes bathing your child simpler. If you have a newborn who cannot yet sit up on his or her own, having a baby tub sling will help soothe your worries since it gives superior support because you can adjust it according to your needs. Also, most items have changeable designs, so read user reviews before purchasing one.

Are baby bathtub slings good for baby's skin?

It is conditional. Some models are composed of materials that may reduce the sensitivity of the baby's skin, while others may be detrimental. What you need to know about baby tubs and other related goods is as follows:

What age bracket can use a baby bathtub sling?

This device should not be used if your baby is under 4 months old, however, it can be used until he or she can sit up on its own.

Does baby bathtub sling save time?

No. The infant tub merely serves to make you feel safer when bathing your child, but it still takes the same amount of time to bathe a tiny child as a regular baby tub. Keep in mind that some models are difficult to store after usage, which adds to the time required. When your child is older and able to sit up on his or her own, you can utilize a baby tub with an infant sling.

What do I need to know about an infant tub sling?

The advantages are that it is lightweight, may be used inside or outside the bathroom, and is reasonably priced. Some parents believe it is also safer than a traditional baby tub since it stops your child from slipping into the water. However, there are several safety considerations with slings that should be taken into account before purchasing one of these goods.

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